Additional Files Required:

Photo- You may use mine here
(Right click and save to your hard drive )
Or you may use one of your own

Description : To use the illumination effects located in the Easy Pallet to enhance your photos and change colors if you desire, and to learn to add your settings to the Easy Pallet so they may be used again with just one click...........

Terms of Use: The photo used in this exercise is from my personal collection and you may feel free to use it for your projects. What you create with this tut is yours to do with as you please.

Now Lets get started and Let there be Light



For this type of photo we are going to highlight the flowers and make them stand out

  1. Open your photo in PhotoImpact and duplicate (Control+D) and close the original.
  2. Open your Easy Pallet and go to the Effects Gallery
  3. Click on Effect Gallery and open Illumination
*If you are using version 7 this will be under Effect Gallery / Magic / L31

If you are using your own photo here you may want to play with the settings until you get the desired effect.

4.. Right Click on L31 and click on Modify properties and apply and change the settings to what is shown here on the left.

5. We also want to change the color a bit so click on the( light ) color box to bring up the Ulead Color pallet and change the Hex: to# ECD980

Again if you are using your own photo here play with the colors until you get the look you want.



OK we have our settings and our color adjusted to where we want. Now we are going to add them to the Easy Pallet for future use.So with one click you can have the same results to use on other pictures that need the same type of light.

6. Click on the add button and the screen shown to the right will open .Give your setting a name . On the drop down menu select My Gallery .Add the setting to a group of your choice

*Adding new groups to your EP was covered in level 1

*Note: If you previously created your own galleries , you may wish to add it there.


**I have added a group called lighting effects under My Gallery

To the left is your Easy Pallet after the addition.

And to the right is the resulting effect on your photo. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Now......amaze yourself and hit (Control+Z) or undo....Click on your untouched photo to activate and then doubleclick the new addition to your Easy Pallet and see the great effect you have created.


Below you will find a couple of variations using different settings .

This first one is an overall highlighting of a too dark pictureAnd this one is just a whimsical effect that seemed to go with the type of photo

This one I used L47 with the following settings

modifying the color slightly

Here I used L 33 with the following settings

lightening up the color just a shade

Well that's it.. Have fun and Let the Light Shine on

If you have any questions feel free to contact me