Little Clock Tutorial

Thanks to Rosie Hardman for all her help with my first tutorial and for testing it for meThanks to Deb DeHaven also for allowing the use of her downloads for use in this tut.
You can see Rosie's clock at the bottom of the pageThe Gel preset I used for the face is also available at Deb's site and can be downloaded here
Now Let's get started
Open a new Canvas 400x400 white.

1: The Base

note* if you choose a glass..... because it is so transparent and you can't flip vertically you will have to duplicate it and convert to object so you can erase the bottom half and then flip vertically and fit over the bottom portion. (see pic above) This is so when you put the chains on the bottom they can be sent to the back without showing thru the glass*

Go to Path tool:-Custom Shape- Decoration 3-Size Approximately 265x265
I used a Border 30 Depth 30 with a glass preset.You may want to adjust the border
and depth if you are using a different preset.

2: the Face


3: the Gold outline for your face

4: the numbers
Go to Path tool: Shape Circle -Size approximately 145x145 -Border 30-Depth30
-I used a gel preset rather than glass ,this gives the appearance of glass but is a little easier to work with and you don't have to worry about fitting your glass over another piece.
Go to Outline Drawing Tool: Shape Circle-Border 3-Depth 30-
Size approximately 145 x 145 - I used a gold fill with an M 21 bump
Place this around the face of the clock and resize if necessary to fit nicely
around the face.

Go to Text tool: and choose the style and color font you would like to use.I chose a writing type font in a size 30 color black.But the size and color will depend on the style of the font you choose
type in your numbers one at a time and place around the clock face.I placed the 12-3-6-9 first so I could align them with the center trim on the base.If you have difficulty getting them lined up properly you can always draw a smaller circle and place in the center and then delete it once your numbers are in place. As shown in the picture below.

5: The Center Point

Path Tool: Custom shape A 15(as shown here)Border 7-Depth 30-Size approximately
16x42 -Gold fill-no bump-and place in the center of the clock face
6: the Hands  
Path tool:Shape Nib-Border 7- Depth 30-Gold Fill -Duplicate it and set duplicate aside for a minute
Path tool:Shape Rectangle -Border 7 -Depth 30-Gold Fill-Draw a small rectangle approximately 15x36 -Duplicate it and set duplicate aside with the other nib.
Place the rectangle on the nib and Right Click/Arrange/Send to back
Resize if necessary so the pieces match up in width.Select the two pices and Right Click/Merge as Single object
Duplicate the nib and rectangle and repeat this step except send the rectangle to the back slide it farther under the nib to make it shorter for the smaller hand.See picture
Now place the longer hand pointing to the 12 and place the smaller hand on the face and rotate freely until you have it positioned .With both pieces over the center point.Now click on the Center pont (A15) and Right Click/Arrange Bring to Front

If you would like to save your clock in the easy pallet before you merge as single object,select all objects and drag to your shapes library.Then you can add the chimes later and still change everything.

Once you have the face compete and you are sure everything is in proper position-Right click/ select all objects /merge as single object

7: Decorate your Clock
Place Flowers or birds or stamps of your choosing or your own creations around the outside of your clock until you get the look that you want and a small design or filigree in the face if you wish...........


8: And now we are ready for the chimes
Path tool: Custom Shape-Crown 1- Border 15- Depth 30-Size approximately 54 height
I chose a gel preset, but choose whatever will go with your clock ( and you may have to adjust the border and depth to match your choice)
Switch to the Path Edit Tool: and holding the shift key add a node to the center on the bottom as shown here

and pull the center node down so it resembles the pic here.... then widen and smooth the two bottom nodes. This will be your center chime. Set aside

-Now for the other two.

Path Tool: Custom Shape-
Round Edges 3-Size approximately 43 height-Border 15-Depth 30 -I used the same gel preset.
Now Resize with the aspect ratio unlocked so you can make this piece narrower as shown here.

Now Duplicate this piece and set aside with your center chime


9: the Links for your chain
Outline Drawing Tool: Shape Ellipse-Size approximately 3x7-Border1-Depth20-Gold Fill
Draw a small ellipse and duplicate 5 times.Place them together as shown below

I zoomed in to 200% to make them easier to work with.Once you have them lined up
as shown here Return to Actual view and you can use the layer manager to select all five pieces by holding down the control key. Then RightClick/Align Left-Right Click/Merge as Single Object and now duplicate this piece 5 times .Take 2 pieces of your chain and overlap as shown below so that your chimes will hang at different lengths

I haven't lined these up, I just wanted to show you how I got the varied lengths. Once you have your
chains the length you want and lined up properly Select the two pieces for each chain and Right Click/
Merge as Single Object.Now Place the chain on the top of your chimes and Right Click /Arrange/Send to back.Do that with each chime and chain.

*If you saved your clock in the easy pallet you may want to save the chimes you can do that now.Select the six pieces and drag to the easy pallet.

Almost Done


Place your Chimes on the Clock and Right Click/Arrange /Send to Back

Iif you would like to decorate the chimes you can do that now.When you are finished decorating the chimes Right Click/Select all objects/Merge as single object
Now all that is left is to pick a complimentary fill for your canvas .Optimize your graphic.and you may want to post your results in PING or on the PIRC board............
Thank you for doing this tutorial....I hope you enjoyed it------Below are a couple of variations of the clock tutorial

If you have any problems feel free to email me

Golf Clock...................................................Rosie's Clock