Christmas Scene, Drawing, and Sketches.

Software: PhotoImpact 8

Skill Level: inter-advance

Featured Tools: from the brush tool, the pencil and Charcoal.

Extra needs: Patience

Downloads: The photo on the left for a guide line, and the brushes preset to downloads.

The photo here belong to Sparrow, we have the permission to use it for a guide line.

In this tut, I'm just showing you how to do a sketch from this photo, don't worry it doesn't have to be has details as I do mine.

Once your done with your sketch, I would want you to save it and then push it further by painting it with colors, even had to it some Christmas decoration, a deer or even Santa, foot print on the snow, just some idea I'm giving you here.


To download the photo to your hard drive, right click on it and save as into a folder of your choice.

The brushes are supplied for the sketch

Brushes presets to downloads here

If you don't know how to import the brushes
check out this tutorial

Saving Brush Settings to your Easy Palette

Brush Use

The Pencil brushes
The Charcoal brushes
and one texture from PI   "paper09"


First Lets open the photo in PI, now open a white Canvas the same size.

Import the brushes preset into your easy palette.

You may want to use a grid, or the ruler to help you locate where to start. It is up to you.

Lets take the first pencil preset and start to draw, first you have to draw what is closer to you or the main subject, in this case it is the tree, then the fence that goes on the side and the back of the tree, and then the scene behind.

Don't worry if it doesn't look exactly like mine or the photo.


Now lets choose the next preset, the charcoal, don't forget to look at the setting in the brush panel, you may want to played with them to more of your liking. As you notice, in this one we have our texture, it is paper09 from PI. If you don't have this one try to choose one that looks like branches or weave or something similar or other paper texture.

As you can see in this one I've did put more shadow, you could varieted the pressure by  going into the brush panel on the advance tab, click on pressure option and choose, size/transparency.


Let move with the next charcoal preset,  yes the one that the size is 40 and 79 transparency,  since the transparency is high, it will come out as gray and not black, so we are going just to make clicks of the mouse here and there where we want more shadow between the branches around the snow in the trees, just about the example I have on the left here.
Now lets take the next charcoal preset, check the brush panel again cause all the setting have change here mostly, and the color too, to give it a little more depth to it by using the gray color, on the canvas, where it is not black and not white, there is some gray shade, on some of it apply this brush , take a careful look at the left one here and look at the difference from the one above. Try to achieve something similar or to your liking.
Now we are back to the pencil, let choose the last preset, this is a different setting from the first one we've use. We are going to use this one to enhance our sketch, tracing the contour, making line on one side of the trees behind where there is the shadow. Have a look at the left one and compare to the one on top.

Don't worry if it is not as detail as mine, or size or shape, cause you are going to push it further and paint it. At the beginning I did gave you a few ideas for it.

Once you have save your sketch  then paint it and save it to a different name, cause we would like to see the sketch and the finish painted Art.


As you do yours, I'm doing mine also, and as soon it will be done, going to add it here and show it to you all.

Let hope this tut help you to make a sketch and gave you an idea on how it could be done, this is only one way of doing it.


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