This tutorial is graphic intense and may load very slow
First A Couple of General Notes
When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will
revert back to the default color also once you choose your color the preset will go back to showing none but it does in fact keep your choice.

Remember to Save often, once you save - clear your undo history.If you find a setting you like or think you will use often refer to this snapshot tutorial by Debbie Hardisty on how to save your
favorite brushes.

Saving Brush Settings to your Easy Palette

This can be done with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse.The settings are all approximate as each person will use a different amount of pressure or a firmer or softer stroke.Also remember the undo is a very important tool and you will need lots of patience. A lot of steps seem repetitive but when you are trying to achieve a certain look you may have to try several different tools to get the look you want.So it is kind of a back and forth process.
(which is where the patience comes in

Also most all the settings specified in this tut are done with the brush panel.So once you set your Preset..all other settings can be done from the brush panel. It is recommended to save your brushes in the EP for this tut

If you are not familiar with the brush panel settings and where they are located I would recommend referring
to this tut prior to starting

This tutorial uses a color palette and shows you how to make one of your own or take advantage of the color swatches.

Painting in Mode versus not

Please note that you may find it much easier to manipulate your painting if you were to paint in object mode.
Advantages to painting in mode are that you can paint a little bit at a time making it an object. If you decide later on down the line that you don't like that particular tree in that spot but it might look better on the other side of the canvas, you can simply move it over.It also makes it easier should you require to blend certain aspects of your painting.
Every time you click in and out of mode
you are creating a new layer.

This tutorial was written by Acadie and put together by Sparrow
Please note all settings are for Acadie's Little Girl and it is her sketch that she has offered to be used as an alternative to drawing your own.


First open a white canvas about 500X700 expand the canvas as you go.(if necessary) draw in mode black. after the drawing is done ,come out of mode and with all the drawing still selected center it onto the canvas then merge.
* see fig:1

-----------Fig 1----------------
Under Format, Hue and Saturation, use only the lightness one, to make the black line fade - fade at 80 or fade it at what your eyes are comfortable with but enough to be easier to work with. The reason to do it this way is because we can use those gray lines to blend with the paint to help make shadows.
* see fig:2

-------------Fig 2---------------

Now let's make a color palette .It will be easier as we go on painting, open a 200X200 canvas and use the square shape, doesn't matter if not the same size there are just going to be fill with some other color that I'm going to use.
*see fig 3

About choosing what color you need, if you are not sure of the colors to chooses ,you could use a picture of a face to pick the color choosing the shade of dark medium dark,
medium. medium light and light even lighter if you want too. It may sound funny but all the skin tone is orange.

The first two rows are some skin tones, the third row is for my hair color and the last one is for the dress.
*see fig:4

Below are two alternatives to make a color palette . The first one we have made and the second using the color swatches panel in PI.

Using the above method you right click in your color box and choose color on screen, then fill your square .

Using the above method as soon as you put your mouse over a color swatch it turns to an eyedropper and changes your brush color.

------------Fig 3----------------

-------------Fig 4--------------

Now to put the paint on your canvas,
Charcoal brush default
Size 8 Round shape
Weight 22 Distribution 7
Transparency 90
Using your color palette choose your color and set your multicolor slider to 0 2 4
spacing 8 and fade at 0
*see fig 5 and also fig 6 details

Don't forget to save the brush setting in your EP for later.

-------------Fig 5--------------

Try putting some paint from your color palette the darker one where it would be in the shadow and the lighter one where the lights will be, if you are not sure where these go, look at yourself in the mirror at the same side view that you drew the face, this will give you a pretty good idea where the skin is lighter or darker. Do this for all the skin, and with the other color that you choose for your little girls clothes.
*see fig:5 and fig:6.

--------------Fig 6--------------

Now with the smudge tool
size 10 soft edge 50,
level around 13 for the face and hair
Smudge tool
size around 20 soft edge 50
level no more than 19 on dress size for a smoother blend

I made a mistake on the canvas, some mistakes are not bad! like my hand slipped on her right face so I made it a hair drop . It can be fixed later as we work on finishing the hair
As for underneath the bouquet of flowers... don't know yet maybe ribbons or maybe will get rid of it.
*see fig:7

---------------Fig 7--------------
Dodge tool
size 4 level 14 soft edge 50.
Dodge very lightly on the hair where you want the hair to shine
Burn tool
size 4 level 6 softedge 50
.where you want itdarker
Now as you go in different places on your painting you may want it to be a larger size like on the dress for example size at 15 or 20 depending for the highlight with dodge and a bit smaller for the burn tool depending on the area you are working on.
*see fig:8

-------------Fig 8---------------
To make a lacy dress, I use
oil paint brush with this setting,
round size 15, random 50, brush head size 0, density 10, transparency 66, wet control 82,
mutilcolor 10,40,20.
*see fig 9

-------------Fig 9---------------

She is a little pale, and I don't see the detail much I realized I should have chosen some darker color for my palette of color. So I went under format, clicked on level and moved the middle arrow at 0.62 and clicked ok.
* see fig:10

-------------Fig 10--------------
From the easy palette in the brush gallery
choose Retouch tools and then double click the Thin Burn preset,
size 4 level 58, soft edge 0.
With this setting stroke the outline of the dress, the shoes, especially the flower bouquet she has in her hand... made my mistake into some ribbons, and trying to make her a bracelet with the awful spot I had on her dress, I fixed the one by her face by making it a hair curling down.
*see fig 11

--------------Fig 11--------------

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