Painting a Sweet William Flower

Sparrowz World

Skill Level : Intermediate/Advanced
Software: Photo Impact Version 8
Featured Tools: BristleBrush-Chalk Tool-
Warp Tool-Bristle Smear-Paint Tool-
Burn and Dodge-Airbrush-Eraser-Magic Eraser
Extra Tools Needed: Lots of Patience
Terms of Use: What you paint is your Creation
Description: Painting a SweetWilliam Flower
This can be done with a tablet or a mouse

There are probably easier and more efficient ways to paint this, but this was my way......you will need patience.

When you are using any of the paint tools you must choose your presets prior to choosing your color or they will revert back to the default color.Also many of the sizes,levels and transparencies are approximate because it will depend on how heavy you are with your touch and also it will vary if you are using a tablet. And Don't forget to save often.

1. Start by opening a new canvas approximately 400x400 Color grey

Painting in mode
Using the Bristle Brush Size 50 Preset Split 2 Transparency 10-15 make your general outline and center........
Switching to Paint Particle Brush Preset Leaf Size 6 Color Light to Medium Pink
Soft Edge about 16 (the particle brush will produce multicolor so you may have to undo and readjust your color depending on your choice)
dab your brush around the edges until you get something like the picture..You want it to have a bit of an in and out since the edges of the flower are scalloped.

2. Using the BristleBrush Preset Grass Size 50 Transparency 0 Color a few shades darker than what you used for the base- Start filling in your petals leaving a little bit of canvas showing through.
3. Using the BristleBrush Preset Split 2 Size 14 Transparency 28 Color white-
drag from top edge to just past colored edges

then changing color to a deeper red and Size about 25 Transparency 50 - drag from inside white edge to center and drag in a circular motion in the middle.

4. Using the BristleBrush Preset Grass Size 25 Transparency 50 Color White Drag across edges and just into the red petal just until colors start to blur
Change to the Chalk tool Preset Chalk- Size about 17 Transparency about 58 use your eyedropper to pick up the red...........then lightly start smoothing and shading the red petal..........You may want to lighten the red shade a couple or increase the transparency so it doesn't get to dark
5. Using the paint brush about size 3 or 4 Color white run along the edges of the flower petals.
Still using the paint tool Change to Color Pink Transparency about 80 dab a little pink in the center use the warp tool level about 25 size about 10 to smear a bit

Switching to the Chalk tool again Preset chalk- Size 15-20 and Transparency 50-60 shade your petal some more and push from center outward to just into the edging being careful to not cover too much of your white scratches
6. Choose a darker red and make some curvy lines around the center of the flower and then a lighter pinky color running from the lines you just made to the center

Using the Chalk Tool Preset Splatter in a very dark grey Size 20 Trans 0 click a few times in the center of your flower don't let it bleed to far out

Change to Bristlebrush Preset grass- Size 35 Transparencys 85 Color a couple of shades darker red drag across petals until happy with result

Take the Burn tool size 10 Level 75 SoftEdge 100 start making some shading to give the effect of the folds in your petals.....then switch to the dodge tool size 20 Level 10 Soft Edge 100 and make a line on the outside of the marks you just made with the burn tool

then continue making some highlights with the dodge tool on the petal going around the edges of each individual petal

7. Using the Warp tool Size 10 Llevel 25-30 Soft edge 50 push around the center dotted lines you made to soften and curve then push your pink lines to blend and make uneven.......

Using your Eraser size 3 Transparency about 50 Soft Edge 100 shape straight line........you may alternate between vertical and right and left angle to match your petals.......start erasing little pieces of your edging to look like the picture. You may need to erase in between the petals a bit too to make them separate (don't forget you have undo)
You may also have a few jaggies that need to be erased to help shape the petals.

Then use the Warp Tool about size 10 and drag the separation between the petals into shape and to soften where you have erased

Using the blur tool size 10-`15 level 3 Soft edge 75 blur the areas where you have used the burn tool until you are satisfied with the result


8. Using the Paint tool in a medium grey Size 7 Transparency 90 Soft edge 0 Shape round Preset none............make some curved lines of varying sizes for the center of your flower.........then change to size one and add a little dark brown highlight to each one

Now it is just a case of playing with the burn and dodge at low levels and high transparencies to fine tune until you are happy ( and don't forget there is always undo )

Now would be a good time to save before moving on to
Page 2
The Background and Leaves
and completing your picture