First A Couple of General Notes
When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color
This can be done with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse.The settings are all approximate as each person will use a different amount of pressure or a firmer or softer stroke.Also remember the undo is a very important tool and you will need lots of patience. AND SAVE OFTEN
1.Paint tool preset none-Straight lines size 40 transparency 70 SoftEdge 100 dark on top to light about 6-7 different lines.........BlueGreen
2. Effects/Artistic/Watercolor small Moisture Level 80
3. Blur preset slightblur shape 100/20 ellipse level 5 soft edge 90 Blend the blues
4. Particle brush preset leaf shape 4/10 tranparency 70 soft edge 80 color white
Make some Clouds
5. Blur Preset slight blur size 100/20 shape ellipse level5 soft edge 90
Repeat 4 and 5 depending on how many clouds you want for your sky.I have repeated 3 times in this picture
Paint tool Preset Fine pen size 5 transparency 60 Soft Edge 12 color medium to dark grey for outline (I added an extra inside line for shadow)
Then to fill in
Chalk Preset Soft Chalk shape round size 15 transparency 0 color purple grey drag downward leaving some white showing through
Mountain detail
Smudge Size 10 Level 40 Soft edge 20 to blend a bit and darken
Paint tool Preset6 Ribbon size 40 transparnecy 85 soft edge 100 Color white Texture (choose one you like) (I used the standard PI texture-the last one in the 2nd row down) Wiggle your mouse back and forth from top to bottom on right side of mountain until you are happy with the look
Leaving all settings the same change the color to a very dark purple/black and work the left side of the mountain the same as you did the right. Continue going back and forth from light to dark and side to side until you have something like the picture
Changing only the ribbon size to 10 and leaving all the other settings the same Color very dark wiggle your mouse back and forth and make some smaller peaks to the left of the mountain shaping near the top and then continue dragging downward and filling in........using the texture it will look like the picture
Blur tool Preset slight blur shape 5 level 5 soft edge 90 gently blur your mountains
Back to the Paint tool Preset ribbon (your settings will be as you left them change only the size back to 40 and again alternate from dark to light)
working with the white change the transparency only to about 75 and add a few more highlights to the right side of the large mountain and the peak
Paint tool Preset ribbon size 40 transparency 95 soft edge100 Texture (choose something that resembles a straw mat) color deep purple/grey gently run it over the back mountains to fill in a bit
you may want to change your size to about 10 and get the tops of the mountains also.
Chalk tool Preset splatter size 20 transparnecy 40-lightly add some splatter to both the distance mountains and the large one Not too much, just like the picture


Paint tool Preset None Size 65 Trans 65 Soft Edge 50 Straight lines
light to dark working from the mountain fill in your canvas with a greenish brown
several shades to fill

Bristle smear Fine smear size 50 level 30 gently blend

Here is where you can decide what you would like to add to your picture
I started by adding a roadway using thePaint tool Preset ribbon size 40 transparency 70 soft edge 50 in a color several shades darker than our foreground

and by dragging my mouse at an angle repeating until I had the look I wanted .Leaving all the settings the same and only swithching color to several shades lighter than the foreground I ran it along the right edge of the roadway and then used the blur tool Slight blur size 20 level2 Soft edge 95