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About my Courses at Visual Arts Academy

Visual Arts Academy semesters start on the 1st of the odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November). Each course consists of 6 weeks of lessons and 1 week of "wrap up," giving you time to finish lessons and ask questions. Lessons can be printed and saved for future reference

The main quality of a work of art is in its expression, not its technique.
These courses are designed to help you become familiar with Painting in PhotoImpact and to assist you on the conscious level. The expression of your art must come from within, but I will teach you the tools needed to do your digital painting.

The Basics Course
Creative Painting with PhotoImpact: Paint Tool Proficiency

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Course Content

The Advanced Course
Advanced Creative Painting

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Course Content

Designed for the intermediate to advanced user of PhotoImpact. It assumes a working knowledge of the program and familiarization with the Tool locations.

All tools are identified as well as the various strokes that each tool produces.

The first 5 Lessons each have several exercises and a tutorial to create your own digital painting using the tools learned in that lesson. The final lesson is to create your own painting with help and suggestions as well as framing considerations.

Expanding on the proficiency of the tools and features in PhotoImpact commonly used for digital painting. It builds on the basic elements that were covered in the Creative Painting course.You will have the opportunity to learn how to adjust the various tools to achieve the desired look for all aspects of painting. Where practical you are supplied sketches so you can focus only on the tools. This is not a study in art so much as a continuing study of the tools, however we do look in more detail at the principles of art, shadow, perspective, light source and sketching.

The Advanced Course format is a series of mini tutorials as we work our way through the subjects

Subjects covered:

Lesson 1

Locate and identify the paint tools
Tools that work well for sketching
Which brushes for which paint strokes
How and why to Paint in Mode
Recognize the different strokes for each brush
Save layers and objects as you paint
Exercises and Tutorial

Lesson 2

Locate and identify the retouch tools
Add dimension and depth to your painting by applying the retouch tools
Apply artistic effects
Use the Edit Active Objects Only and the Paint Eraser
Modify and edit your painting as you are working on it
Exercises and Tutorial

Lesson 3

Use the brush panel to modify your brushes to suit the subject
A detailed look at each tab and setting
Soften or intensify your work with object properties
Tablet settings and available options
Exercises and Tutorial

Lesson 4

Create, save and use textures with your brushes
Create and save your brushstrokes for future use
Basic art elements and principals about balance, harmony, contrast, postitive/negative space, emphasis, proportion, perspective, pattern, rhythm, variety, light source and shadow
Art styles in the last century and what defines it
Exercises and Tutorial

Lesson 5

Apply lighting effects to your completed work
Apply texture effects to your completed work
Make choices about color and color values in relation to your artwork
Use a color wheel
Create a color palette
Create, save and edit color swatches
Exercises and Tutorial

Lesson 6
Create your own digital painting
Things to consider when framing your art
Basic tips and reminders
Alternative to sketching prior to painting
Exercises and Final Project

Subjects covered:

Lesson 1

Painting Skies, Clouds, Moonlight and Sunsets
mostly freehand, some brushes supplied

Lesson 2

Painting Flowers and Trees
some using supplied sketches and/or brushes

Lesson 3

Painting Landscapes, Ground-cover and buildings
some sketches supplied, some will be freehand

Lesson 4

Painting Seascapes and Surf
various types, mostly freehand, some brushes supplied

Lesson 5

Painting Different Art Styles and Still life
sketches supplied and freehand

Lesson 6

Painting Animals and Birds
using supplied sketches and or brushes

Tools and Settings used to achieve the Specified Lessons

Using the Brushes and  becoming thoroughly familiar with the Brush Panel

Using PI effects (Artistic, Lighting and Texture) to enhance your work

Using the Retouch and Blending tools

Painting and Erasing with Edit Active Object Only

Using Hue and Saturation, Remove noise, Sharpen, and Warp

Using Object Properties

Adding Highlights and Shadows

Read what former students have to say

       Creative Painting - Paint Tool Proficiency        Advanced Painting with PhotoImpact

I have painted in Oils and water colours, so I found this course very interesting. Another approach to art and I can see that in time and with practise you could achieve a very nice and well painted piece of art. I found the lessons well put together and well presented, especially the information on Colour and Harmony.I do not want this experience to end so I will be joining the advanced class. I can see that once you become familiar with ALL these things you should be able to do almost anything. I might also add that I think the tutorials are excellent, I did not for one minute expect anything like this.

Its just great to learn here!!!! I was so surprised about how much I've
learned in six short weeks. The lessons gave clear and detailed directions.
Sparrow was a wonderful instructor. Her answers and helpful hints and advice
were a great help and encouragement. It really was a good experience and I
wish there were an even more advanced class so that I could learn more. I
highly recommend this course to everybody who wants to know about digital
Mab - Germany

I LOVED the class and learned PI by leaps and bounds and it has helped me in my daily job requirements like you would not believe, thank you for the patience and great course !!
Cheers, -Stephen

I have been taking lessons for about 2-3 years and with the advanced painting class you have written more than any class I have ever taken.

I enjoyed the class tremendously, learned such a lot and feel much more confident with the paint tools now. Looking forward to the next session!
Carol -Australia

Again, Sparrow comes through with a wealth of valuable information. Each exercise is pertinant to the tools or techniques being highlighted, and there is the right balance of structured tutorial and self-expression. I really enjoyed this one and was sorry when it ended."—Katherine- Vermont

"I was astounded at the amount and quality of information given in this course. It far exceeded my expectations! Our instructor was prompt and thorough with any help we needed, and always there with encouragement and support. She made the course enjoyable as well as tremendously informative. Thank you all!" Katherine - Vermont

After this course (Basic and Advanced) I can really enjoy producing some really good paintings.The key word is "enjoy". By taking these two courses, I can enjoy painting in PI. Have you ever thought "Gee, I wish I could do that.." Well, you can. The course material itself is worth far more than the price of the course. If you save your lessons, you end up with a really excellent textbook you can use for reference over and over. Also you must save your brushes in your EP as you go and you have those too. All in all, a most enjoyable LEARNING experience! Not to mention Sparrow, who is always there if you have a question or problem.
Norm -England

Sparrow has delved deep into the PI paint engine and has a better understanding of it than anyone else. In Creative Painting with PI she has created a course that will give aspiring digital artists a sound grounding in the use of PI's paint tools." Lynn - Texas

I was very impressed with our instructor, Sparrow. Her answers to my questions were in such a timely manner it was as if she was right there with me. Also her encouragement was inspiring. Her knowledge of the various tools was also impressive and admirable.

This class was extremely in depth in that it did cover every paint tool and the retouch tools. I was a bit terrified when I started but that did not last long at all. I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to further their knowledge using these tools. I can in all honesty say this class is wonderful. In addition I would like to say that Sparrow is always quick to help with any problems and easily explains things. You will learn how to paint pictures and be comfortable with the tools. I am in awe that I did 6 plus, paintings.


Those undertaking the BW course should be encouraged to take the paint tools course because for me it was definitely the next step of learning with this program.


It is probably ok to learn the program on your own, but learning in a class with others is great .I have learned the tools and what they can do so much better then if I were alone , it would take so much longer and I don't think I would have learned a fraction of what I did in the class." —Mike




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