Terms of Use : What you paint is your Creation
General Note :When you are using any of the paint tools you must choose your presets prior to choosing your color or they will revert back to the default color.Also many of the sizes,levels and transparencies are approximate because it will depend on how heavy you are with your touch and also it will vary if you are using a tablet. And Don't forget to save often.

Open a New Canvas 500 x 400
Lots of room ..you will reduce the painting size when you are done

Click on MODE
Chalk Tool Preset none Size 70 Transparency 47

Color R99 G73 B206
Make 4 circles leaving a small space in the center

Warp Tool Size 30 Level 65 Soft Edge 0
Preset none

Start shaping your flower .Don't worry about the very small spaces in between we will fix those later.When you are finished it should look similar to the opicture to the right

Bristle Brush Preset Grass Size 45 Transparency 0
Color R231 G199 B16

Drag down from center a little farther than you want it to be
until you have a result like this

Leave your settings the same and change the color to Black
Drag from center outward on each side and below your gold center similar to picture blend right into gold at bottom and change size to about 10 to close gap near sides of gold with the black
Warp tool Size 10 Level 50 Soft Edge 0 Preset none
Pull and shape the black face

Paint tool Preset fine brush Size 2 Transparency 35 Soft Edge 5 color pale purple
Paint a small inverted V above your gold like you see here
BristleBrush Preset Grass Size 30 Transparency50 about 3 shades lighter gold drag from bottom of gold into black and brighten a bit
Change color to black Size 65 transparency to 92 and drag from edges to center just to give the petals a slight vein
Blur Preset slight blur Size 30 Level 3 Soft Edge 61 blur the black veins just a bit
Paint brush Preset none Size 2 Tran 75 Soft edge 5..........Color R38 G26 B130 Carefully define your petal separations and continue with edge about 1/3 of the way around petal making thinner as you go then
pressing lightly define bottom and top outside edge just a bit

Dodge tool Size 2 Level 80 Soft Edge 40 make a small white strip along the bottom petal somewhere like here
Select all objects ......Merge as single object
Magic Eraser Select by line Similarity 28 Trans 0 Search connected Pixels checked Clean up the outside edges
Drag to easy palette for safe keeping
Click on MODE
Open a New Canvas 400 x 400
Paint tool size 2 trans 34 Fine brush soft edge 5 color R57 G97B 57
Draw an outline for your leaf
change to size 15 trans 73 soft edge 5 and fill in leaf leaving slightly uneven

Bristle Brush Grass size 14 transparency 70 Color R47 G79 B47 / make a few passes down the leaf change color to R92 G156B 92 and make a few more passes
Bristle Smear size 10 level 35 make about 5 or 6 passes down the leaf
being careful to not blend all colors
Paint brush fine pen size 1 transparency 90 soft edge 5 draw about 5 lines down the leaf
Select all objects merge as single object

Use the eraser and clean up then change to eraser size 3 transparency 80 soft edge 92 make little cuts into the edge of the leaf to scallop the edge like the picture

blur tool Preset slight blur size 30 level 3 soft edge 60 run along edge and gently across leaf

Paint tool size 1 trans 87 soft edge 5 Color R185 G182 B107 make some tiny angle lines from center of leaf to near outside edge for veins in leaf
Blur 30 level 3 soft edge 60 blur gently leaving the veins showing slightly

Paint tool fine brush size 10 transparency 35 soft edge 5 draw a stem approx 300 high
Burn tool Preset Edge burn size 15 level 25 soft edge 85 run along one side of stem

Clean up with eraser if necessary and drag to easy palette while you make the background

Open a new canvas size 500 x 400
Here you can do anything you want for your background I used the paint tool round size 75 transparency 75 soft edge 100 and used the eyedropper for the blue in the flower..........cover the canvas and then I switched to a green and ran about 5 or six angle lines across canvas
then switch to bristle smear size 125 level100 and blend

Blur 155 level 4 soft edge 100 and it was still too dark so I switched to paint tool size 75 transparency 93 soft edge 100 color white and softened the bg
When you are reasonably happy (you can change this a little after you have your flowers and leaves arranged) drag your pansy and leaf and stem to the background canvas

From here it is up to you..............Duplicate your flowers as many as you wish then duplicate enough leaves to go with them , duplicate your stems ......and start to arrange...rotate and send back and front
until you are happy with the look......You can also change several of the flowers to a path object and use the virtual rotation to give a more realistic look........Be sure and change your flower back to an object before you finish as you may find that some stray pixels have appeared on the flower after the virtual rotate. If so use your eraser to clean up............If you find a little white around the edges showing you can lighten your background color to blend in.....When you are finished ..merge all and put a simple frame around your picture and don't forget to sign your work.............................I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

Below is a variation


If you have any questions you can email me