First A Couple of General Notes
When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color
This can be done with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse.The settings are all approximate as each person will use a different amount of pressure or a firmer or softer stroke.Also remember the undo is a very important tool and you will need lots of patience.
Open a new canvas 500x400
Click on MODE
Make circular motions and leave darker colors showing thru making the general shape of the flower
This is several steps- you can play with this until it looks right to you. Start with Chalk- Preset Gritty. Brush Panel MultiColor in a lighter purple than you want colorslider 0 fade 10 light 10
the chalk setting produces a darker color than your choice.
OIl Paint Thick stroke Shape round Size 75 Transparency 25
Switch to light stroke reset color Size75 Transparency 25
Bristle Brush Preset Pepper Dot lighter purple Brush Shape Ellipse Size 100 W 15H
BristleSmear Preset fine smear Size 65 Level 25 until you have something similar to picture

I have reduced the rest of the pictures for load time
Using the warp tool size 60-70 level 45 soft edge 50 start working your petals in a circular motion and blending them
Out of mode
Select all objects
Effects/Artistic/Watercolor Moisture Level 50 Small

ChalkPreset soft chalk shape round size 20 Transparency 50 DarkerPurple 4-5 shades similar to picture
Warp tool round size 50 level 40 soft edge 50 blend and start shaping by pulling in around edges to split petals
Chalk Preset Gritty size 30 transparency o dark bluish purple add some speckles for a variation in color
Use the warp tool aprroximate size 40 level 65 to blend and shape and swirl the center. I wasn't happy with the color so I switched out of mode select all objects clicked on the blue 3 x to make it a deeper purple then back to mode paint tool size 5 trans 90 fine brush white to add some white edges and highlight spots
I wanted a darker center so I used the paint brush size 5 almost black to paint some black highlights(transparency about 90)

Using the waterdropPreset none size20 level72 soft edge 100, work the edges and blend white and dark being careful to not blend too much..then using the warp size40 level60 soft edge 100 blend and shape

switch to size 20 level 40 soft edge 10 and continue to blend and work the edges starting to separate the petals.

If you haven't used the warp very much you will see that you can totally reshape with it (experiment a bit- you can always undo)

Out of Mode

Effects/Artistic/Watersolor small Moisture Level50


Water drop Preset solution size 20 Transparency 80 soft edge 90 using a soft light stroke smooth the water across the entire flower
Out of Mode
click on the lighten about 3 times
Effects/ artistic/ oil paint stroke 3 level 60


Chalk Splatter 60Transparency 60 a little darker than the main purple
Particle brush Preset leaf at a very light purple size 30 transparency 80 click quickly and lightly just to soften the very dark spots slightly as shown in the pic

Warp tool size 45 level 45 soft edge 85 pressing lightly, gently blend, leaving some speckles
Paint tool very dk purple almost black paint a few dark lines like inside petals would be When you are satisifed
Click out of MODE

Select all objects Merge as Single Object Magic Eraser 75 transparency o line connected pixels check.( you may have to alter this a bit) just click undo and reset if necessary

Duplicate your flower 5-6 times resizing each one just a little smaller than the next lay them on top of each other then using the transform tool rotate freely. Turn each one at a different angle until you are satisfied.You may even want to distort a little)Use your eraser to change the edges on some of the petals ( if they are too uniform ) making some a little ragged. Set your paint brush on a deep purple preset none size 3 transparency about 30-40 and paint on edges to some or all depending on how it looks to you

Select all objectsPaint tool Preset none Size 40 Transparency 70 SoftEdge 50
Burn tool Level 5 Soft Edge 30 Run it around edges and bottom
and contiinue using the burn (changing the settings as necessary) until you fine tune your edges.

Dodge tool preset none Size20 Level 50soft edge 50 run along some edges near top and left side
You can play with the light /dark and color tuning on individual layers until you are happy with it can rotate any layer until you like the look of it. When you are happy with it select all objects and merge as single object.

I painted direct on canvas without mode here you can do as you choose.You should be quite familiar with everything by now.

Open a New canvas 500x400-I used white but you could use a green or another color if you prefer.

Oil Paint Preset none size 50-60 Trans 35 3 or 4 different greens and black similar to picture for background

Use the bristle smear Coarse Smear
Effects/Artistic/Watercolor large Moisture level 80
Apply a second time using small Moisture level 40


Warp tool ,if you find it is too dark for your liking reapply oil paint light green and then use warp tool until satisfied
Drag flower to the canvas with the background,Center it and then switch to eraser and clean up the remaining outside pixels
.Using the warp tool size 90 level 65 soft edge50 fill in any areas where the white shows through .........Use the bristle smear until you like the result ...... clean up any edges on the flower that may need it with the eraser.
I applied these effects to the flower only ,you can decide if you want to soften the background as well

Effects photographic Diffuse glow 20 /1 /1
Effects artistic oil paint 1/ 40
Effects artistic Watercolor small /20
Bristle Smear Preset Fine Size35 Level 35 very gently around edges and inner petals
Blur Preset Slight Blur size 50 Level 5 Soft Edge 100 softly around entire flower
Burn tool size 2 level 40 soft edge 50 emphasize the edges of each inside petal all the way around and shadow as necessary
Here you can use the warp tool to do any fine tuning on the shaping
and also the waterdrop I used 20 90/100 and blended my edges and colors until I was satisfied .Then to redefine my edges I used Sharpen Preset slight size 65 Level 1 Soft edge100

When you are happy Merge all

Add a Frame ,sign it and sit back and admire it. You deserve it .You worked hard.I hope you have enjoyed it.

If you have any questions you can email me