Painting with PI Tools,Textures and Effects 2
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This is what you will be looking at and you can choose any portion you would like to work with.
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced 
Software: PhotoImpact: Version 8 
Featured Tools: Warp-Oil Paint-Burn-Dodge-Paint tool-Texture-Bristle Smear-WatercolorEffects 
Extras Needed : Patience and Imagination 
Terms of Use: What you paint is your Creation  
Description:Painting Peppers with PI Tools and Effects -This is just a guideline you may find a much better way to do this or prefer a totally different look. 
General Note
When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color
You can use a Wacom Tablet to do this but it can be done with a mouse just as easily......
You can do this 2 different ways you can paint in Mode (which is probably easier)so that when you are painting your work is an object and can be moved and parts erased. Or you can do it as I did and paint directly on canvas, but if you do that you will have to use the magic eraser on the white canvas when you are ready to put in the background and then you will have to use the warp tool to stretch your pepper over the small white edges that are left. Or you could put your basic background in first and then just finish it when you have completed your peppers. 

You may copy the original picture and save it to your hard drive .I opened it and kept it open in PI well I was working for reference.

Start by Opening a New Canvas 400x400.I chose five peppers of different colors.

After you have decided which peppers you are going to paint. Choose Oil Paint size 20-30 , Transparency will vary depending on how you stroke (play with it a bit until you get the look you feel is right for your choice.Don't be afraid to experiment and remember undo is only a click away) use the eyedropper on your original to pick your colors.Dab the paint on your canvas in the general shape of your peppers

We have our Basic Outline now we will start by using the bristle smear Preset Fine Smear and drag the color around to fill the shape.I left a few spots not quite filled to make it easier to do the highlights when we finish.

Go to the Warp Tool and start shaping your pepper. Looking at your photo to decide which shape will help.Once you get your shape pretty close to what you want, Click on the Paint tool Preset fine brush size small and we will paint in the outline of the stems. I chose a texture from the texture tab so it had a little variance in color and texture. Choose a mossy green to brown. If you don't get them quite right ..undo and try again.





I worked a little more on the stems and then I used Effects/Artistic/Watercolor at about 25-30 small strokes. You can see it has helped to deepen the colors and make the white and dark highlight areas stand out .It has also helped to belend the stems without making them all one color.

Not a lot of difference in this picture,just started using the burn tool set at about level 35 size will depend on how much shading you want to add. Again play with it and use undo if you don't like the results. Then using the warp tool shape the highlights a bit.Switching to the Paint water drop Preset Solution Transparency about 90 and soft edge about 35 start blending the shadows .

Using the Dodge tool Transparency about 50 work on your highlights a bit to make them stand out.

I then used the Paint Crayon Tool Preset Waxy Transparency about 75 to help give the peppers a shine....

I used the Paint tool Fine Brush Size 1 in a dark brown to add a little color to the stems, and a bit of an outline on the edges of the pepper stem.

Since I had not painted in mode and did not do the background first Icopied and pasted the image to the canvas and then used the Magic eraser to erase the white background.

I opened a New canvas and coped and pasted my peppers to the new canvas and then I chose the Airbrush Transparency about 60-70 in varying colors that were in the peppers and I filled the background.

I then chose the Paint tool Preset fine Brush, Color Darker than my background .Clicked on the texture tab and went to a lacy texture I had saved .Then I chose a different texture in a lighter color and smeared that around.

Click on the Peppers to activate I clicked on Properties and chose Shadow. You may want to play with this until you are happy I used two and split the shadow to try and add some depth.

Using the Burn Tool I tried to add more shading along the stems and the edges and then I used the Effects/Artistic/Watercolor again at about 15 small strokes to deepen the colors and accent the highlights

Going back to the Canvas Background I used the Bristle Smear Preset fine Level about 30 and began smearing the canvas until I got the look I wanted .

Well that is it ........I hope I have given you some ideas using the various tools and effects in PI..................

All that is left is to add a frame and sign your picture

Any questions email me