Painting with PI tools,textures and effects

Sparrowz World

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced 
Photo Impact: Version 8 
Featured Tools : Warp-Paint-Oil-Chalk-Texture 
Extras needed: Your Imagination 
Description: Digital Painting using PI tools and effects. This is not so much a tutorial in that you follow what I am doing and create an exact duplicate but more a concept of how to get started and learning which tools do what. 
Terms of Use: What you paint is your creation. 

First a General Note
When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color



You can use a Wacom Tablet to do this but it can be done with a mouse just as easily......
Start by opening a New Canvas : I used 360X250 but you may use whatever size you feel comfortable with.
Start with an Idea or you may use mine this time,My Idea here is a couple of golf holes along the water so I used the Oil Paint tool (you can experiment with the size,it will depend on the size of canvas you chose to work with) about 50-60 transparency in the basic colors that your finished painting would be.

Once you have your basic outline you can start to think of what you want in your picture and start highlighting or drawing outlines .

Here I have used the Paint tool ribbon preset for the darker brown along the shore
and I also used the Ribbon preset for the water but I clicked on the texture tab and chose something that would be uneven. Here again you can experiment if you don't like it undo and choose another.


Don't be afraid to experiment and remember there is always the undo if it is too dark or your brush slips.

Now we are going to envision what else we want in our picture and start putting in some more highlights and details.
For this picture I want trees to the right and a couple of sand traps for my golf holes .
The trees are done with the chalk tool,Preset Gritty Chalk in various sizes and several different colors.
The sand traps are just oultlined with the paint tool size 10 roughly where I want them and I thought maybe a walkway also using the paint tool size 2.
Then I decided I wanted a bit of a walkway in the front so went back to the paint tool Ribbon preset in the same brown.


Okay now we have things roughed in so we will use the warp tool to both blend and drag things into the shapes we want. Here I have blended the shoreline a bit and reshaped the fairway and traps until they look more like grass and a putting surface and also blended the water a bit using the warp tool.
Still using the WarpTool I continue to shape and blend and swirled it a bit to make the greens.and shape the sand traps.I also used the Paint tool size 3 in a dark green to make a dark strip along the trees and then used the chalk tool Gritty Preset to add some more depth to the three trees by the putting green and a few more dabs along the treelines.
Here working on the Water a bit I used the Chalk tool Preset Soft Chalk and clicked on the texture tab and chose add texture and picked a fur preset that I had in my textures in a couple of different shades of blue.Using the fur gave it a bit of a swirl. The sand traps needed a little darkening so I just dabbed the paint tool a couple shades darker about size 2.The grass need a little texture so I used the paint tool clicking on the texture tab and chose the straw looking texture in a lighter green at about 50 transparency. Used the sharpen tool to run along the shoreline and bring the color back up after the warp tool softened it.
Well the picture is taking shape but I wanted some splash so I went to effects/artistic/and chose watercolor at a setting of about 25 using small stroke. Then back to the warp tool to blend the grass and traps a bit more...I used the paint tool about size 2 in a gray to edge the trees for what could be a cart path then still using the paint tool changed to about size 4 in a dark green and edged the traps and the fairways a bit.Using the paint tool in a beige shape square size about 3 transparency about 80 I put a few squares along the back fairway for what could be houses or breaks in the trees depending on what you see. I also used the beige to make a small path on the right in the middle of the trees.

The shore looked a little fuzzy so I went back to the paint tool Ribbon Preset in a darker brown and added a little more highlight.Then back to the Chalk tool Preset Gritty Chalk Dark Green about size 8 I filled in the 3 trees and dapped a little more of the dark green along the treeline on the right. Then used the warp tool size 5 to shape the tops of the three trees by dragging inward.Using the warp tool blended the water a bit more.


Using the Chalk Tool Preset Soft Chalk in very dark blue transparency about 40 I dabbed the water and darkened up then taking the paint tool Ribbon Preset in a white transparency about 60 added a few highlights to the water.I added a little pink to the sky with the paint tool transparency about 80.Used the Oil Paint in a light green transparency about 70 and outlined my greens.And for a final touch I used the Paint tool vertical line setting size 1 black and made 2 flagsticks.Then I cheated and chose the Path drawing tool custom shape flag and made three flags resizing to fit the holes.


Well that is it.........I am by no means an artist and this is just a concept ....but I hope you have learned a little something from it, and remember experiment with all the tools.you can always use the undo if you don't like the result. Below is the finished picture in a frame.Not too bad for an amateur......

Any questions you can email me here