All colors specified are R G B

700 x500
blue sky
darker near top
lighter near mountains
Base coat over background mountains
Charcoal color 80 108 130

charcoal size 14 wide 11 high
transparency 88
color 80 108 130 sliders 13 10 0
weight 30 distribution 50
spacing 25
Change color to 63 94 106
and paint over the base coat
leaving breaks

charcoal size 7 wide 5 high
color 66 100 100
sliders 13 10 22
paint in some trees on the nearer mountains

change color to 230 185 128
and paint in some sandy spots

Charcoal gritty size 4 wide 11 high
transparency 30
color 44 58 44 sliders 0 4 40
weight 100 distribution 42

paint a base for the trees we are going to put in on the right side




paint in your middleground trees
aternating your colors and your brush width to make some darker trees and then increase size to about 15 high and 6 wide and make a few larger and brighter green to the front of the middleground
I used size 8 wide and 2 high at about 85 transparency for the grass and sand in between the trees






charcoal gritty size 30 wide 9 high
color 182 155 100 sliders 0 4 31
transparency about 75
running your brush from side to side fill in the foreground
leaving a small break as I have done here

charcoal gritty size 1 w 8 h
color 152 154 78
sliders 0 4 31
transparency 68
Using up and down strokes, paint a little tall grass on the left near the break and in the right bottom corner. You can also use this in front of your trees to make the treeline a bit uneven. You can use it to fill in any light spots you might see in between the trees too.
Then using a side to side dragging motion run your brush over several spots to make some grass.

using the paintbrush or airbrush in a mid color green just fill in area to left and use the paint water drop to blend a bit just for a basecoat
and where we left the break in the forground using a sandy color make the base coat for your path wider at the foreground and narrowing as you move along and down the mountain


gritty charcoal size 3 w 14 high
color 57 83 2 sliders 0 29 38
start to make the base for your larger trees on the left

change your brush size to10 w 2 high and start making your larger trees over the top of what you just painted

change to paint brush size 1
transparency 0 softedge 30
paint some tops on the largest trees on the left

charcoal gritty
size 5
color 84 65 48 sliders 0 47 42
transparency 85 softedge 50
fill in under trees on left and make a small line in front of middleground trees on the right

tree trunks for large trees charcoal size 2 wide 5 high
color 34 27 21 sliders 0 7 13
transparency 50 softedge 30

bristle pepper dot size 7
brushhead 1 density 42
color 145 109 21 sliders 10 10 10
spacing 41
make some scrub brush in front of large trees
then over top
fine point pen alternating 2 or 3 colors pale green, tan, yellowgreen, paint in some brush grass to the left of the path and fill in the grass to the right of the path just a bit
alternating several colors of beige and brown at a transparency of about 85
make your path more predominant then use the
charcoal size 1 transparency 25
color 145 109 79
sliders 0 62 24
and paint along the pathway making highlights
remove noise size 10 level 7 over top to soften


paint brush size 3 transparency 90 soft edge 25
color 86 105 124
define your background mountain and paint over the balance of the mountain leaving spaces then burn the entire background and middle ground mountain at about level 12 and burn at base of trees....... (Check next picture-for mountain peaks)

Now lets paint in a fence
I have done the basic shape here using the straight line option
using the paintbrush size 1

fill in the fence posts with a beige..... then a darker beige along the left side of the post using a 100 softedge
burn using edit active objects only
Using straight line option again I went over top of the wire with a darker color and then painted in some barbs.....

add a few clouds
oil paint thick stroke
size 25 transparency 96
brush head 55 density 80
random 20
spacing 18
wet control 93

Burn around the bottom of the fence posts then use the bristle smear size 3 level 65 and just run gently across the post here and there.
reduce to size 1 and run across wire
Dodge a few spots on your posts
then I added a bird for interest

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial
and if you have any questions just email

Below you see the actual size