First A Couple of General Notes

When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color
also once you choose your color the preset will go back to showing none but it does in fact keep your choice

This can be done with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse.The settings are all approximate as each person will use a different amount of pressure or a firmer or softer stroke.Also remember the undo is a very important tool and you will need lots of patience. A lot of steps seem repetitive but when you are trying to achieve a certain look you may have to try several different tools to get the look you want.So it is kind of a back and forth process.(which is where the patience comes in)

Remember to Save often, once you save - clear your undo history.
If you find a setting you like or think you will use often refer to this snapshot tutorial by Debbie Hardisty on how to save your favorite brushes.
Saving Brush Settings to your Easy Palette

Also most all the settings specified in this tut are done with the brush panel.So once you set your Preset.....all other settings can be done from the brush panel.

Painting in Mode versus not

Please note that you may find it much easier to manipulate your painting if you were to paint in object mode.

Advantages to painting in mode is that you can paint a little bit at a time making it an object. If you decide later on down the line that you don't like that particular tree in that spot but it might look better on the other side of the canvas, you can simply move it over.

It also makes it easier should you require to blend certain aspects of your painting

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Let's get started

I used a canvas approximately 500 by 375
Lay in basic colors.............Paint Brush Fine Brush - size 85 trans 60 soft edge 100

With the transparency this high you can easily blend your colors by overlapping and making a second pass if necessary.
I have gone from left to right starting in the previous color then right to left and one more pass left to right. and I have done the same with each color

I have started with a deep blue
next a darker pink to red
a pink - a yellow back to darker pink and back to blue .
Depending on your touch, you may want to go back to a color and go over again. Most of this is done by eye.It is difficult to be exact because of the way we handle the brush.

put in a black strip (roughly 2/3 of the way down (this will be your treeline)about size 30
trans 0 soft edge 40

you should have something similar to this picture

using top color(blue) charcoal brush (preset default) size 30 tran 70-90 depending again on your touch.....gently make edges uneven in sky (I also touched up water a bit )

using 2nd color(deep pink) add more uneven edges into yellow and blue

change brush size size to 10w 3h
make some light streaks in sky and water as shown here
you may have to change your transparency so they aren't too heavy.

Particle brush
Preset leaf
Trans 60 soft edge100

Brush Panel Settings
brush size 8w 3h
brush angle about 40% right
options wet control 75%
color dark blue-from the top of picture
under the color tab
top and bottom slider all the way left
middle slider about 16
advanced tab
top slider (spacing) over to 85-90 %
paint in the small clouds as shown here . I also ran it over the water in the upper part

changing only color to 2nd color from top(deep pink) do the same
and then leaving all settings except the transparency increase trans to about 85 run a little into the yellow
changing to the yellow and trans back to about 65 darken your yellow by running over top
then changing only transparency to about 85 run across upper part of water to lighten
Charcoal Brush Preset fog
trans 85 use the 2nd color (deep pink)(maybe a little darker) run along the black line making several passes and then make a couple of passes across entire sky and 2/3 of water
Bristle Split 3 Color Black
brush size about 25w 25h and brush head size 50
random set at about 30%
Define your tree line
change size to 10 straight line and draw your straight horizon line beneath the trees

Charcoal Brush
Preset Gritty Charcoal
Trans 90
Using a lighter yellow
Shape tab 23w 6h
top slider angle just slightly to right
middle slider weight about 50
bottom slider distribution
about 50
color tab top and bottom slider 0
middle slider about 18
advanced tab spacing about 50
Go over the yellow area in the sky until it has lightened and you are happy with it then run 3 or 4 passes over the top left portion of the water

Now would be a good time to save your work and then we will
move on to Page 2

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