Painting Moonlight

Software: PhotoImpact Version 7,8,XL,Pro
Featured Tools: Particle Brush, BristleBrush, Paintbrush, Dodge, Blur, Burn
Level: Beginning Painters
Paint a Moonlight Scene

If you are using PhotoImpact XL, I suppose you could just click on the moon feature but I prefer to paint my own. So that is what we are going to paint for this tutorial. Plus another little tip for making quick water.
I have shown the much larger completed  and enhanced version on the bottom of this tutorial if you want to refer to it for more detail.



Canvas size 700x500
Canvas color R 34 G 34 B 52

Using the particle brush
Particle pen
Size 28 w 16 high
Color R 189 G 189 B 213
Sliders 0 11 0
Transparency 94 soft edge 100
Wet control 50
paint some variation into your sky about 2/3 of the canvas from the top
*When I refer to clicks (it can be the click of the mouse or the tap of the pen)*
Decide where you want your moon
Start by making a large spot
Dodge tool
about size 200 level 65 soft edge 100 1 or 2 clicks
In the center of that spot
Dodge again about size 105 level 80 softedge 100 2 or 3 clicks
In the center again
Dodge tool about size 60 level 100 softedge 100 I used 3 clicks
In the same spot
Dodge 170 level 100 softedge in the center once more
Now reducing the level to about 35 decide where you want the light to shine and click
once each time from the moon to ground on the angle you chose, overlapping slightly

at level 1 to soften the edge of the center ring
Then the
Dodge level 80 soft edge 50 , the same size as your smallest ring a couple of more clicks

Color R 150 G 150 B 188 Transparency about 60 softedge 0
size of your small ring and use paper 3 several clicks until you see a pattern emerge
Size 1 about 90 transparency
light blue
I painted a circle around the moon just for emphasis
Particle brush leaf
about size 55 w 30 high
Transparency 90 softedge 100
in a medium grey Color R 189 G 189 B 213
dab across sky and then use the
about size 70 level 13 softedge 100 just to vary a little, be careful not to overdo

Bristle brush split 3
color R 27 G 27 B 39 sliders 0 33 33
Size 65 transparency 77
brush head and density at default
I painted some ground cover leaving an opening

For the opening
Paintbrush ribbon
I used a texture for the water effect
Size 75 transparency 43 soft edge 71
colors same as above R 27 G 27 B 39 but solid (no sliders)
Add texture paper 11
reduce size to about 10 and go along edges

remove the texture by clicking on select texture and choose none
use the straight line option to make a horizon line

size 18 level 1 soft edge 32
Blur the texture lines being careful not to erase completely and not to blur your horizon line too much.
select the
Paintbrush ribbon
Transparency 62 softedge 39 and the same color and texture as above ( paper 11) and paint a few more water streaks

Dodge tool
size 100 level 37 soft edge 100
and follow your light angle from the moon
by clicking as many times as necessary

size 4 w 1 h
level 37 soft edge 100
make your water reflection watching the angle
and making one bright spot and widening out at less brightness

change the size to 25 w 18 high level 11 soft edge 100
and add a little extra light on the left bottom of the moon just using a small arc movement

Bristle brush
( should still be at same setting as groundcover) just reduce size to13 w 10 h
and adjust color sliders to 0 4 24 and add a little detail along left shore behind water reflection

Dodge size 100 level 35 soft edge 100 a couple of clicks over detail you just painted in

Dodge size 100 level 35 soft edge 100 lighten up sky and water just a bit on left side

It is finished but you can still add more detail or a boat in the water or whatever you wish.

Sign it and choose a complimentary frame .

Here is the larger version completed , framed and signed
and enhanced with the QCT