First A Couple of General Notes

When you are using any of the paint tools you must set your presets prior to choosing your color or it will revert back to the default color
also once you choose your color the preset will go back to showing none but it does in fact keep your choice

Remember to Save often, once you save - clear your undo history.
If you find a setting you like or think you will use often refer to this snapshot tutorial by Debbie Hardisty on how to save your favorite brushes.
Saving Brush Settings to your Easy Palette

Also most all the settings specified in this tut are done with the brush panel.So once you set your Preset.....all other settings can be done from the brush panel

This can be done with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse.The settings are all approximate as each person will use a different amount of pressure or a firmer or softer stroke.Also remember the undo is a very important tool and you will need lots of patience. A lot of steps seem repetitive but when you are trying to achieve a certain look you may have to try several different tools to get the look you want.So it is kind of a back and forth process.(which is where the patience comes in)
Painting in Mode versus not
Please note that you may find it much easier to manipulate your painting if you were to paint in object mode.
Advantages to painting in mode is that you can paint a little bit at a time making it an object. If you decide later on down the line that you don't like that particular tree in that spot but it might look better on the other side of the canvas, you can simply move it over.

It also makes it easier should you require to blend certain aspects of your painting.

I have only given one example here but this could be done in any color

Foundation (also makes a good stucco)

Charcoal for foundation
Multi color beige/brown

Over foundation

Bristle Preset none
Size 70
Random 22
Brush Head 27
Density 50
Multicolor 0 0 44
Spacing 25
straight line option
run across sideways

Paint brush shape square
width of your strips
fill strip in you made with Bristle
Brush Grass

paint brush
make your vertical lines staggered


Vinyl Type Siding

Paint brush
shape square
straight line
choose color
once you have made one panel
effect/creative/paint on edges size 1
about 2 shades darker than whatever color you are using
duplicate and place staggering

BarnType Siding
Fine Brush
shape square
choose color
make board
bristle brush Preset Grass
small head size
lighter or darker than color you used for the board
burn tool at about Level 30
for depth

Vertical Board siding
same as above
then gritty charcoal (lighter or darker)
with about 60% transparency
I used perspective to narrow one end
then I duplicated and flipped
and placed in up and down pattern
I have left some separated so you can see what I did
Large Field Type Stone

Bristle Split 3
multicolor brown
multicolor grey
make some odd joined shapes
Chalk spatter multicolor
use the burn and dodge to get some depth and highlights
then pick a lighter color and put the mortar in between stones

Stone Walls
use the barntype siding for a base

Charcoal Brush
Preset Gritty Charcoal
Multicolor Grey
Brush Panle Settings
top 0 and play with middle and bottom slider
run over board until you get varying degrees of colo
the larger the size the bigger the pattern
I have done one small and one large so you can see

when you finish
fine brush
size 1-3 mortar lines in between the light and dark colors

Any Questions
email me