This is not a complete tutorial but more of an exercise
This tutorial was created for the Paint Forum on the PIRC Bulletin Board

Anyone who has some familiarity with
the paint tools and or painting should be able to complete this tutorial.

We have given you visual aids and brushes

The brushes are supplied
If you don't know how to import the brushes
check out this tutorial
Saving Brush Settings to your Easy Palette

Brush with direct loan usage: Use :
The Brushes are supplied in addition when you download them you will see where they can be applied by visuals in your Brush Gallery.

Download Brushes

See Page 2 for Goldfinch Visuals and Instructions
The dodge tool is very powerful, what does it do? It lightens, it is as if you open the lights in a dark room.
I will give you a few example on what the dodge tool can do to enhance your painting.
As you can see below the only thing I changed is the level, the higher it is the brighter it gets.
There are examples of the 3 Presets to choose from:
Using the Edge Light Preset
Now that you know what it does and the different settings available

I have made a scketch for you to work with to get some practice with the dodge tool.


Page 2 Goldfinch Tutorial/Exercise